Review policy

Gotalovebooks is currently not accepting review requests

Preferred Genres 

  • fantasy
  • YA(Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Dysopia) 
  • Sci-fi
  • Dystopia
  • Urban Fantasy. 

I will accept e and print-ARCs, and books for review requests from authors and agents.

feel free to contact me via my contact form or by e-mail

  • Books submitted are for a review consideration.  Unfortunately I cannot guarantee a review for every book.  I will let you know. 
  • I use a Kindle app or ibooks so please send compatilble files (.epub and .mobi)
  • I also cannot guarantee a date for the review
  • I will get back to you.  If it has been a while you are free to remind me
  • I will generally share of tumblr and goodreads.   You can find these on my contact page 

Review Scale

I  absolutely loved the book.
I really enjoyed the book.  there were few flaws but that did not distract me from enjoying it.
It was good.  It did not blow me away but I did not hate it or anything
 It was not good.  I finished it but would not re-read.  Would see what others could enjoy about it. In the end it was not for me.
Found nothing or very little that I liked about this book. May have not even finished. 

Review Time

FTC Discloser
 I will let you know when I am reviewing a book for a publisher or author.  Otherwise assume that it is from Library, borrowed from friend or family or a book I have bought myself.

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